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lose weight fast nutrisystem

How to Lose Half Your Body Weight and Learn How To Keep It Off – Morgan Root’s Story

It’s a familiar story for a lot of people looking to shed weight. The “enough” moment, followed by an impossible diet, and then yo-yoing back to your original weight (or gaining even more).

Impossible, starvation diets don’t work, which is why Morgan Root chose Nutrisystem’s Success program. She’d lost weight once before her wedding, but this time she was doing it for her kids. “It’s the legacy I’m leaving for my children of a healthy lifestyle. They see the decisions that I am making daily and it impacts their decisions as well.”

Morgan Root lost a total of 128 pounds with Nutrisystem’s Success program.* That’s a full half of her body weight at her heaviest. With perfectly-portioned meals, a combination of routine and flexibility, and support from the Nutrisystem community, she was able to lose the weight and start living the life she’d been wanting to live.

This kind of body transformation is life-changing, but it can be difficult. Morgan credits Nutrisystem‘s structure to her success. When she left the military, she missed the structure of a daily plan, and Nutrisystem gave that back to her.

The program sends you meals, snacks, and shakes that are designed to fuel your body so you have plenty of energy. “Even on the busy work days, I know I’m prepared to make healthy decisions that fit into my lifestyle and won’t slow me down,” said Morgan.

She’s a self-proclaimed fan of heating up her Nutrisystem Double Chocolate Muffins for a decadent, high-fiber breakfast. Nutrisystem is famous for creating lifelong healthy habits that lead to long-term weight loss.

lose weight fast nutrisystemThere are double chocolate muffins for when you need them, and the flexibility to create your own meals as well.

They send Morgan and others like her color-coded containers to prevent you from overeating, so customers can stay in control when they feel like cooking.

After Morgan reached her pre-baby weight, she started introducing weight-lifting into her life to get a stronger body like the one she had in the military.

With Nutrisystem‘s meals fueling her workouts, she got down to an enviable, toned 128lbs. Morgan describes the emotional toll her weight was having on her: “Before the weight loss, I was hiding, ashamed, and couldn’t keep up with two young kids.

I was missing out on making memories and didn’t want to be in photos.” She’s now a stronger, more confident mom.

lose weight fast nutrisystem

If you’re feeling like your extra weight is holding you back, Nutrisystem’s Success plan is designed to give you the freedom to enjoy your life while you lose weight. When you’re ready to start fully living your life, call or go online and choose Nutrisystem. Take it from Morgan: “Of all the things to flex, I think the most appropriate would be a smile. There’s a change that happens from the inside out when you find yourself again.”

Real contest winner. Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week.

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