University Student Discovers Fastest Way To Lose Weight – 12.5kg In 1 Month!

Nutritionists Losing Their Minds Over This New Diet-Cleanse Combo…

Amanda Haughman, a student at UCLA, was able to lose 12.5 kg (mostly belly fat) in 1 month without ever using a cent of her own money. Amanda is studying nutrition sciences at UCLA, and for a required research project Amanda thought it would be perfect to use university funds to find out how to ‘hack’ her weight loss. According to Amanda, “the most expensive piece of it all was actually finding what worked. But the actual solution only cost about $1 a day.”

“I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. I tried things like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, which just didn’t work as good as they promised and cost 5x more. I am a single Mom with a kid at home and I am also working towards my degree, so I don’t have any time to be at the gym.

When I was assigned this big research project, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to get a deeper look at the natural weight loss opportunities that are out there, and that is when I found out about combining RapidTone and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). The best part of it all, I can tell that my daughter is proud of me.” – Amanda Haughman

Since the study, Amanda shared the RapidTone and apple cider vinegar combination with many of her close friends, who had also been struggling with their weight. The results are even more impressive than Amanda.

We sat down with Amanda to ask her more about how she found out about RapidTone and whether or not that is all that she used to lose 13kg so quickly.

Editor: Tell us, how did you know where to start?

 Amanda: To be honest, I really didn’t. I was given a budget for the project by the university, and I spent nearly all of it researching everything under the sun. I looked into other previous research, case studies, and even successful weight loss stories of others.

Editor: So, how did you find out about RapidTone and apple cider vinegar?

 Amanda: It’s sort of funny. I am a big fan of Melissa McCarthy, and while I was looking into weight loss stories of others I decided to see if I could find out more about how McCarthy was able to lose so much weight so quickly. Surprisingly, even with all of the tabloids, it was pretty challenging to find concrete information on exactly how she did it. However, I was able to find a radio interview where McCarthy credited her entire weight loss to combining RapidTone with apple cider vinegar.

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Editor: Was it expensive to get RapidTone?

 Amanda: It actually was not very expensive at all, and thankfully so. Compared to Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig which costs hundreds a month, this was a fraction of that. Since RapidTone is a completely natural formula, the supplier doesn’t spend a lot to manufacture it.

Additionally, they actually provided me with a free 1 month sample with my purchase! And I picked up a bottle of apple cider vinegar for $6 from a local grocery store, and I still had $2 left in my budget!

Editor: That’s impressive! Could you explain how it works?

 Amanda: There isn’t much to it, and that is the appeal of it all. Every morning, I made tea with 1 – 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and took RapidTone with it. Then one before dinner. Other than that, I didn’t change a single thing in my daily routine. 30 days later, I am 13kg off the waist and in better shape than ever before!